How To Find The Right Meat market denver For Your Specific Product

Awesome man a little Taco Time the whiskey time it was perfect it was a great ending for the night only Japan Wagyu it’s the most delicious and the most desired beef in the world.

While you means Japan’s beef and I’m here until prefecture because they won the Wagyu Olympics making it the number one beef brand in Japan every five years the Wagyu Olympics is held to see which brand and area is the best cattle came to Sendai to compete on best marbling and.

Leanness totally Wagyu won the award for best beef this year top beef brands Kobe and Matsuzaka weren’t present so it begs the question is till Tori the new number one Wagyu in Japan.

You see all Japanese Wagyu beef is extremely tasty a beef grading it’s also good that it’s hard to tell the difference Kobe beef is the most famous Wagyu brand limited to just three to five thousand cattle a year just half of one percent of the domestic beef it’s rare but is that selection and rarity really worth it all top Wagyu brands live stress-free.

lives in areas of freshwater clean air with healthy diets to increase leanness and marbling it’s lighter and tastier than other beef you know when you taste it it’s that good but in this episode I’m gonna tell you why til why you is so good it comes from one of the most natural places in all of Japan with a history of having Wagyu cattle Mount dicen the Mount Fuji of the West it provides tilt or.

Tea with some of japan’s purest water supplies the area with amazing soil for produce nutritious grass for cows and cattle to graze on and yeah they have really good milk and ice cream too the area between Mount Dyson and yonago City is loaded with farms right near the sea it’s a place where you don’t have to pick either mountain her beach for vacation.

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