This Is What Professionals Do Sleep apnea dental device

Look at all these symptoms and the why of sleep apnea and how they might all individually but thencollectively point to the possibility that a person might have sleep apnea so dentist role can be very important screening picking up some of this signsand then working with the medical people to get this person properly diagnosed as to whether.

They have a sleep breathing disorder dr. McGregor can you talk about some of the many negative health effects associated with sleep disorders some of the other problems.

Sleep apnea dental device

a person might exhibit when they have asleep breathing disorder that’s not controlled or corrected is diabetes is a condition that needs proper management through diet exercise rest and often a person that’s having a difficult time managing their blood sugar is an undiagnosed sleep apnea when.

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a person is having Sleep apnea dental device breathing disorders really disrupts their ability to control their blood sugar there’s a direct correlation if you can control your sleep breathing you can control your diabetes better and on you know other side people.

That don’t control their diabetes off we’ll have poor sleep so it’s very important that both are recognized and that they’re treated in tandem another issue.

we sometimes see is weight management during proper sleep our body secretes two hormones that help Sleep apnea dental device regulate hunger and weight control and they are Galen and leptin.

if we’re sleeping properly these two hormones are created and they tell our brain that we’re satisfied if we’re not sleeping properly we don’t have.