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Bead of caulk on the wall side of the face causing nearest the door edge this should be done on all of the casings around the perimeter of the opening and searing a seal between.

The casing and the wall place the lead edge casing against the wall at the edge of the opening on the closed side throw pins should be facing upward temporarily secure the casing using large C clamp use a level to make sure that the casings are straight and thumb.

This will aid in aligning the down pin which slips into the header later in the installation while installing the cold storage doors casing you will also simultaneously be installing mirror casings if applicable on.

The opposite side of the wall permanently attach the casing to the wall using the fasteners provided next install the trailing edge casing along the trailing edge of the door cold storage doors opening repeating the steps from the leading edge installation note the vertical jamb casings must both be level with one another and be mounted to.

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The highest point of the floor if necessary-use shims to move the casing up it’s now time to install the header cold storage doors and complete our vertical casing installation these will require people and may require lifting-equipment depending on the door size carefully set the header in placed lowering it onto.

The dowel pins found on the cold storage doors vertical casings as with the vertical mirror casings the header more casings should be aligned on.

The opposite side of the wall cold storage doors when applicable at this point it may necessary to adjust the position of the trailing edge vertical casing slightly to align the pins lightly secure the heater and casing into place with a large C clamp gently.