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Heels toes and size of feet so much more than a moisturizer episode solution restores healthy-looking heels toes and soles the hot stone treatment is used atlas the nail tech runs the hot tonelessly over.

The clients feet and applies the stone to pressure points the hot stone is perfect for improving blood circulation this tone is applied to the soles of the feet at last leaving.

The client in a swoon of pleasure and relaxation clients say this is the most enjoyable and relaxing pedicure they have ever experienced Otis truly like no other pedicure you in the final step.

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The Biotech applies color to the toenail snow the client has limb sexy and younger looking fee they good morning from spa here’s what’s gonna happen real quick Sydney I’m going to take off my clothes yes almost all my clothes yes I’m going Roget in this thing which is how cold negative degrees and that’s gonna.

make me feel better Denver spa yeah all right so for the sake of I don’t know our viewers why don’t you excuse me for just two minutes it’s not you it’s me with the boots on with the boots on son I’m opening a refrigerator holy I’m ready for my close-up tuning up here in.

This frigid temperature so what I’m gonna do first I’m going to actually lift you unto the tiny bit okay that way we can make sure you want to be at shoulder length so what you’re too far in there we don’t want your face to free okay are you ready uh sure yeah let’s look what Don’t know what I’m ready for so what we’re gonna do we’re gonna.

Start this machine it’s gonna start to blow out nitrogen you’re gonna feel like coming out of this wall here down by your legs it’s gonna get up to negative and degrees okay it’s gonna be very cold yeah.

It’s gonna be in there for a total of three minutes okay now what this is going to do it’s going to help to remove.

The toxins all of the bad that’s blood cells that are in your body that are causing any inflammation and the nonce you step out its immediately going to rush through the clean blood cell and you’re going to feel super energetic you’re going to have a lot.

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