Why the Biggest “Myths” About Wedding Planner May Actually Be Right

 You don’t want people if they’re  gonna ruin your win okay so you’ve hired  a  planner which is me and you know my  rates and everything okay now what  I’m  gonna do is I’m gonna help.

Most Common Wedding Planner Debate Isn’t as Black

you all out  with venues um yeah okay so you  definitely want to endorse indoor  reception okay but outdoor ceremony okay  yes especially in the summer that’s  gonna work out real.

wedding planner

well outdoors okay I  have Wedding Planner some places in mind that we can  look at after I just want to get the  general gist of everything down and then  we can look because there are so  many  venues especially around.

this area  they’re so beautiful the outdoor one  thing but the thing is everyone has  summer winds so you want to get it real  quick okay do you have a priest and  efficient it somewhere okay  okay.

How We Treat Wedding Planner

you  know what about wedding planner a photographer  you have your own photographer okay that’s great that’s something that I  don’t have to do that I have a few good ones in mind but if.

you have one are you  Chancey Charm Weddings gonna have a band DJ a band okay perfect  again I have all recommendations for  y’all  yeah flowers were you thinking you have  a florist in mind okay flowers okay.

I  can get that yeah wedding planner  we   can go through and  you know you’re gonna have to go and  visit the florist  that kind of stuff but  I can help you out with this for us if you don’t need that  and what about the  catering.

Like a lot of things so you’ve got one year that had like a birthday not there’s one here that’s a book no happy note than.